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Implementing Refresh Token

  • Implementing Refresh Token
  • Hi,

    I am trying to utilize a Refresh Token in our application that uses Oauth authorization code flow.  Since Sitefinity is not using OWIN so I can't do something like this to refresh the tokens and expire time.

    if (DateTime.Now.ToLocalTime() >= (DateTime.Parse(identity.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.ClaimType == "refresh_token").Value)))         
                    var oaConfig = Config.Get<OAuthConfig>();
                    var tokenEndpointClient = new TokenClient(oaConfig.CompassHealthTokenEndpoint, oaConfig.CompassHealthAppId, oaConfig.CompassHealthAppSecretKey);
                    var tokenEndpointResponse = await tokenEndpointClient.RequestRefreshTokenAsync(identity.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.ClaimType == "refresh_token").Value);
                    if (!tokenEndpointResponse.IsError)
                        var result = from claim in id.Claims where claim.ClaimType != "access_token" && claim.ClaimType != "refresh_token"  && claim.ClaimType != "expires_at" select claim;
                        var claims = result.ToList();
                        claims.Add(new Claim("access_token", tokenEndpointResponse.AccessToken));
                        claims.Add(new Claim("expires_at", DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(tokenEndpointResponse.ExpiresIn).ToLocalTime().ToString()));
                        claims.Add(new Claim("refresh_token", tokenEndpointResponse.RefreshToken));
                        var newIdentity = new ClaimsIdentity(claims, "Cookies");

    The GetOwincontext() method is not compatible with "Microsoft.IdentityModel.Claims" and I can't use "System.Security.Claims" because it's not compatible with Sitefinity.

    What are my options with Sitefinity for refreshing token?