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  • SiteSync question
  • When I try to access SiteSync "/Sitefinity/Administration/Synchronization" I get a 404 error. I've followed the "Prerequisites and restrictions" documentation, and do not yet see the error in my setup. I believe IIS is setup properly. I double checked the handler mappings for .svc and xamlx. I've deactivated and reactive both the SiteSync module and "Feeds and notifications". I checked the "/Sitefinity/Services" folder and the SiteSync service is there as well. I've also double checked folder permissions.

    I have checked the licensing and don't see an issue there.

    I am running multiple Sitefinity sites on the same server, however this one site seems to have issues with SiteSync. The Sitefinity version is 8.2

    Does anyone have some guidance on what I should check next?

  • Hi,

    Usually when accessing pages in the backend, this is caused by a configuration issue in the environment or incorrect registration of the handler mappings in IIS.

    The following KB article provides information and references on  :
    Accessing pages in the Sitefinity backend throws 404 error

    Some additional checks you can perform:
    - can you see the Staging and Syncing page under the Administration tab? 
    - or accessing it by manually typing it in the browser: Sitefinity/Administration/Synchronization? 
    - are the backend pages for the Site sync module present under Administration -> Backend pages 
    (Sitefinity > Administration > Tools > Staging & Syncing)?

    If you see the backend pages there the issue must be related to the handler mappings, for which I refer to the forementioned KB article and documentation.

    I'll include also this forum thread that also handles about a 404 error when accessing backend pages;

    Dimitri Cools
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