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Get SiteFinity Results in SharePoint Search

  • Get SiteFinity Results in SharePoint Search
  • We are using SiteFinity for our internal employee intranet portal and have a number of sites and pages built.

    We are using SharePoint 2013 separately mainly for document management at the moment, but in some cases have customised to add sites and pages.

    We have a requirement where we want to be able to do a search in SharePoint and see results from SharePoint sites but also SiteFinity sites.

    Is this possible? Is there some way we can query SiteFinity for search results, perhaps via a web service?

    I am open to any solution, including those that would require custom development.

    Many thanks

  • Thanks for your suggestion. I'll look into this.
  • This probably isn't super helpful or specific, but SharePoint Federated Search says it will crawl an external site and index it.  I've never done it, so it's likely there's something I'm missing and in a quick search, I couldn't find any specific configuration steps.  Hope that helps a little.
  • Hi Wajid,

    Have you found any solution to implement SharePoint search service in Sitefinity site?