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Page Template that can use other templates.

  • Page Template that can use other templates.
  • Hi there, have a master page page template that uses header and footer elements that I need to use within a different page template.  So I wanted to take my header element (which consists of 3 page layout sections and multiple content blocks).  

    So I want to make that section into it's own stand alone template and then be able to drag that onto the new page template.  Is this possible?  (Note that i want to use the page template designer interface to make the header and footer template because the work has already been done using those features.)

  • FWIW, my experience is that a masterpage template needs to be the base of a template hierarchy.

    However, from there on, there is nothing stopping you making the structure as complex as you like, and from creating custom layouts that you drag & drop according to your requirements, to build up a library of templates.

    I use masterpage templates and custom layouts all the time (including custom layouts inside custom layouts) with the one main limitation being that they are incompatible with Sitefinity's responsive design system.