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Telerik CDN for HTTPS protocol in Sitefinity MVC website

  • Telerik CDN for HTTPS protocol in Sitefinity MVC website
  • The telerik web.ui.resource.axd is almot 3.5 mb and was taking too much time to load. My site's pages are built using MVC controllers & views & therefore I have no
    RadScriptManager that I know of in my application pages. After doing a ctrl+shift+f of RadScriptManager I could only find one tag in Sitefinity>Prototype>.??. directory
    which I think is not being used and is just a template by Sitefinity (Correct me if I am wrong).

    The only option of me enabling CDN for this telerik.web.ui.resource.axd was to enable it from project's web.config.
    My web.config had the following tag for appSettings :

    <appSettings file="App.config">

    I changed it to this :
    <appSettings file="App.config">
       <add key="Telerik.ScriptManager.TelerikCdn.BaseUrl" value="" />
       <add key="Telerik.ScriptManager.TelerikCdn.BaseSecureUrl" value="" />

    I also added the same entries in App.config just to be sure that it works. However, the resource was still not being fetched from CDN.

    Finally I got it working by enabling CDN from Sitefinity's backend > Administration> Settings > Advanced > ..??..

    Now the files are being fetched from CDN BUT they are being fetched from HTTP protocol sites. My site is deployed under HTTPS protocol which means that these scripts
    from CDN get blocked by browser until explicitly enabling them from browser, which is not an option to be left for the end users to allow the scripts each time they access the site.

    I want to ask, Where do I have to explicitly tell Sitefinity to fetch from HTTPS CDN AND why is the appSettings tag approach not working for me & why the CDN only started working after
    I enabled it from Sitefinity's backend settings?

    Also, If I dont have any RadScriptManager on my site except for the one place mentioned above, because my site's pages are built using MVC, where do I have to add the
    attribute of enabling CDN for individual RadScriptManagers if adding them in web.config does not work as explained above.

    Kindly guide me through this. The production site is taking too much time to load, Almost 2 minutes when accessed for the first time.

  • Any one?
  • Hi Zepp,

    The issue seem related to that KB article:
    You can also try to change the cdn reference to 'https' under Advanced settings » Pages » Script Manager » Script References for the library you need, e.g. Kendo All.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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  • Thanks Svetoslav Manchev. I was able to change the CDN links to https protocol by clicking on Jquery & Kendo libraries from the left hand pane of Advanced Settings > Pages > Script Manager.

    Thanks. Can we cache them for future calls also. So that the browser loads them from cache if its already loaded once to improve the performance a bit more?