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Best SQL Server settings

  • Best SQL Server settings
  • We host with Rackspace on an 8gb cloud server.   We've been running pretty well since 2014 but Rackspace had suggested some SQL server tweaks.  I'm hesitant because "if it ain't broken don't fix it" but we do tend to live on the edge, memory wise.  Here is what they suggested.  Does anyone have any thoughts, comments?

    Here are their suggestions:

    I also took a look at SQL and saw that you are utilizing 8 proc's, but
    only have 1 tempdb. You are allowed to have 1 tempdb per core for up to

    I also see that your instance doesn't have a memory cap***. The memory cap
    should be set to about 80% of your overall memory, otherwise SQL will
    attempt to utilize all the memory on the server and won't leave any for
    the OS.

    Lastly I see that your D:, which contains your SQL data,
    isn't configured with the 64k allocation unit setting. This is
    necessary because your current setting is 4k and SQL writes it's data in
    8 byte chunks, so it currently had to write to the disk 16x. This
    setting can only be set during the format stage of a drive. In order for this to occur, you would need to find a place to park your data on your D:.


    **I believe I read that we should NOT cap SQL memory because SF wants to maximize that to enhance site speed.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


    Thank you,