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Allow Users to Subscribe to Page Updates

  • Allow Users to Subscribe to Page Updates
  • Hello. I'm new to SiteFinity. We are planning to add a Distributor News page for external users, which is accessed through secure login. The page will include content on broad topics such as corporate announcements (closed to comments), competitor updates (allow commenting), big wins (allow commenting), downloadable resources (no commenting), etc. I was tentatively planning to set these topics up as Blogs for easy organization by date and to allow commenting. Not sure if Forums would be better -- let me know if yes.  The question I have is: can the page containing these blogs have a feature where users can subscribe to receive updates to the page? I know you can subscribe to comments on posts you made, but how about to an entire page, or perhaps to an individual blog?

    The goal is to stop sending email blasts to our agents every few days, and instead allow them to subscribe to updates on this Distributor News page.