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Extending Registration Widget in Sitefinity

  • Extending Registration Widget in Sitefinity
  • Hello,

    I'm trying to extend the Registration Widget in Sitefinity so that instead of sending the confirmation email to the user, it sends it to an administrator.

    I found this thread: www.sitefinity.com/.../implementing-custom-approval-deny-functionality-for-registered-users

    However, I have been unable to get the newly created CustomRegister widget to show in the page designer. It's there in the Toolboxes settings, but not in the designer. Also, trying to change the type of the built-in Registration widget had no effect. I then tried to extend the RegistrationController and managed to get my custom controller to show in the designer, but I cannot use that because the corresponding View cannot be loaded (different assemblies and thus different file locations).

    I have also tried using the Global.asax.cs file to rebind the RegistrationForm class to my CustomRegisterForm class, which also had no effect.

    Can anyone please help?

  • Hi Marian. Do you want to send email to administrator when someone register in your website? May be you can subscribe to IDataEvent and send email in this handler. More information about that you can find here: http://docs.sitefinity.com/for-developers-idataevent
  • Thanks Victor,


    what we actually need is to have an extra activation option so that the activation email is sent to the admins so they decide if the user is granted access or not. What we ended-up doing was to extend the registration model (and inject our version on app startup), question now is do we extend the registration view designer (well, actually override) or we add some new property to the application settings... what is considered 'best practice'? :)