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Editing Sitefinity Widgets (example: Slide Gallery)

  • Editing Sitefinity Widgets (example: Slide Gallery)
  • Hi guys,

    we recently added Sitefinity CMS to enhance our online store for business partners. Therefore I currently set up the pages for an upcoming launch.

    So we came up with the idea to add a short image gallery to our frontpage after the users login. Working things out with stylesheet enhancements is no problem but the content the widget shows is a thing we like to edit.
    More explicit: The information button is a thing we don't need and would like to get rid of that.


    Is there easy way to disable this button? So far I haven't found anything within the templates nor anywhere else.

    Best regards,


  • Any idea?
  • Hi Kai,

    Sitefinity has " Widget templates".  Whole documentation about this: http://docs.sitefinity.com/overview-widget-templates

    Here the example of editing layout for navigation widget: http://docs.sitefinity.com/customize-the-navigation-widget


    Let me know if you have any questions regarding that. I am ready to help you