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  • I am on Sitefinity CSM 9.16 PE.  I am attempting to configure for AD Integration.  I have followed the set up documents provided by Sitefinity, plus have read every string possible regarding this issue. 

    DefaultLdapConnection is set up to spec.  Role Providers and Membership Providers have been enabled.  However when accessing LdapUsers it is blank.  I have checked the database and sf_users is also blank.

    I have stopped and started all processes several times with no change.  I must be missing something in the set up but have followed the documentation.  Is there a piece missing in the documentation or some set up I have missed?

    I have checked logs but there doesn't appear to be any logs to show me what might be happening or any errors.

    Most of the forum discussions on this topic are several years old.  Does anyone have any ideas on things I should check or any info on what step I may have missed.


    thanks! Toni