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Workflow Approval Question

  • Workflow Approval Question
  • Hello,

    We are testing an Approval before publishing workflow and after submitting an edit for approval an email is sent to the Approver's with a link to the preview page.  Is there a way to approve the change from the preview page provided on the email link? 


    From what I see the Approver has to go into the backend and go into Edit mode on the page and approve it from there which seems a little awkward because they would still need to click the preview button to see what the actual page looks like to validate the change.

    Email example:

    This message is to notify you that a new Page is waiting for your approval: testpage6 (testsite/.../en)"



  • either it is only me and the fact that I am tired now but... I can't seem to understand what's your question..
  • I have exactly the same question?   There seems to be no link in the email that takes you to a place where you could approve the changes.  Am I missing something?