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Adding Staging sub domain to existing Licence

  • Adding Staging sub domain to existing Licence
  • Hi,

    I want to add some new staging sub-domains to my Sitefinity licence. My question is

    1. While the request is being processed, will it affect the functioning of production & staging websites?

    2. Will I need to deploy the new licence key file to the production site?


  • Hi Arnold,

    If you want to add staging sub-domains, you need to contact with Sitefinity team. Then, they will send you license file. Technically if you prod environment has valid licence, u don't need to upload licence file. You just need to apply licence to staging website.

    Just for keeping everything consistent, i want to recommend to upload this licence file to all your environments. 

    P.S. When you replace the license file, you need to restart application pool of IIS

  • Thanks Victor. However, I can see that I can add sub domains from Licence management section without contacting Sitefinity support.