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Multiple Projects but just one DB in Sitefinity 8.2?

  • Multiple Projects but just one DB in Sitefinity 8.2?
  • Hey guys,


    as we have one database server for multiple applications, our Database tech staff was quite surprised by getting the Sitefinity project from us. They were surprised because each Sitefinity project does create it's very own database, resulting in 10 databases in our instance.


    I read it was possible to store all projects in just one database, which our tech team is more comfortable with. But this was a SF version from years ago. We currently use 8.2 and I'd like to ask if such a "consolidation" of databases would be possible?

  • Hi Kai, you can use Miltisite module. It will allows you to have one Backend for different project (websites) and one DB
  • If you don't have\can not get the multisite option (which I recommend you do if you have 10 sites)

    You can actually have all the sites use one database by creating different user accounts and not associating them with the same schema (ie not dbo)

    What happens is that each user account ends up creating all the tables for Sitefinity prefixed with the user as the schema




    Down side is that you will have 10x the number of tables.

    I have never actually tried it. I usually end up fixing it when people have run into the issue. I haven't actually tried\implemented it but I think I will give it a go when I have some time. It will be interesting to see the result.