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How to flush Feather view cache?

  • How to flush Feather view cache?
  • Hi,

    How can I ensure my  latest custom Feather widgets detail and list views (.cshtml) are being served after deploying to IIS?

    I recently deployed several custom  widget views containing C# code referencing an external library. Since the previous version, I have refactored some methods in the external library. 

    Now, after having deployed, pages using my custom widgets show an error message which indicates it is trying to call an older version of the external code.

    My assumption is the views served aren't the latest ones and that my problem is cache related.

    The App Pool has been recycled and the temporary ASP.NET files cleared after the deployment.  (Also this is a sensitive environment so IIS Reset or any drastic solution are not an option)

    Any assistance/idea would be most appreciated.