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  • Are you considering finally getting rid of your old, filthy car that has been sitting for years outside your house? Why not consider  [url=]Bars in Port Blair[/url] donating your old car? Car donation offers a wide array of benefits such as being environment friendly through recycling, contributing to charitable institutions, and additional tax incentives. Here are some important points you might want to consider when deciding whether to donate your car for cash or charity.

    One of the main benefits of car donation, especially in tough economic times, is receiving cash back or an equivalent incentive for your old car. Car donation allows you to take an end of the year tax deduction. How much you can write off on your taxes is dependent on the fair market value of your car, up to $500 or the equivalent of the gross selling price. Largely due to abuse of the system, current regulations state that owners can no longer use the fair market value of vehicles more than $500. If your car is worth less than $500, you can safely deduct the Fair Market Value in the Kelley Blue Book or NADA guides.