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SSL Certificate removed on Language Selection

  • SSL Certificate removed on Language Selection
  • Hey guys,

    we are running Sitefinity for our B2B shop. The Sitefinity pages are on a web server which is only accessible by passing through a Web Application Firewall. This WAF does handle the requests and SSL certificate via our Domain and forwards requests and information to the web server and provides the info from the web server to the client.


    It works fine except one thing: Language selection. When I hit a different language, it will remove the SSL from the URL. So e.g. I am on and decide to change the language to german, I get, which cannot be opened and results in an error for the user.

    What is so special on the language selector? How can I handle this correctly? Is the WAF the problem? But why does it work on everything but this?


  • Hi Kai, can you please check that SSL configured correctly in SF settings
  • Hi Victor,


    thanks for you fast reply. Hadn't have the chance to reply so far. I looked up the settings and those are as requiered before I wrote the topic here. unfortunately the docs-Page is not available right now. I attached screenshots of the settings per page and per system. I can't think of something more specific there...