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Sitefinity Caching Question / Issue

  • Sitefinity Caching Question / Issue
  • Hello -

    We seem to be having an issue with caching following upgrading from 7.x to 9.1. When we change content via Sitefinity admin, for example removing an image slider, the site will retain the slider for a period of time before it gets removed. Ideally, when changes are made to content they get reflected on the site immediately.

    I've tried disabling both output and client cache, and it didn't seem to make a difference. Note - I didn't restart the website/app pool following this change and maybe that makes a difference.

    Can someone help me understand SF caching and see if how we've configured it is incorrect? I've attached some screens  showing the existing settings.



  • Hi Greg,

    do you have load balancer? Is it configured properly?

  • Hi Victor -

    No load balancer in place; just a single server.



  • Are you using your own custom widget?

    Can you please check, if your widget has correct cache dependencies: