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License file validity over version ?

  • License file validity over version ?
  • Hello,

    When we update Sitefinity from 8.2.5900 to 8.2.5921 (for exemple), do we have to change the license file?

    For how many version a license file is valid ? A license file for 8.2.5900 is valid for any 8.2.59xx version ? or any 8.2.xxxx or only 8.2.592x ?


    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi Stéphane,

    Your licence file is valid for Sitefinity version 8.2.xxxx. Latest available build for sitefinity 8.2 is 8.2.5921.0

  • So, no need to change license file for upgrade 8.2.5900 ou 8.2.5921 ?

    Thank your for your answer.

  • Right, you can use the same licence file