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PDFs open in new tab

  • PDFs open in new tab
  • Is there an option in Sitefinity 9.2 to have all links to PDFs in a document library use a target="_blank" so that they open in a new tab?  We have a javascript based solution but was wondering if there was something builtin to Sitefinity to do this.


  • Hi Jon

    The solution here is to edit the widget templates that display your pdf links. 

    I'm with you, I always open pdf's in a new tab.

    With the built in Sitefinity widgets there is an option to open in a new tab. But to avoid people forgetting or to enforce it you can edit the template (Web Forms or Feather) and just hard code it. For your own widget developments you can of course do the same.

  • Darrin, we are using Feather.  I haven't seen an option that is there by default to even manually change it to open in a new tab.  Where is this option that you are talking about?