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Accessing Custom Page Fields in List View

  • I am looking to add an additional column to the Sitefinity back end page list view. Adding an additional column with an additional field works fine, but pulling a custom field made by me results in a "Uncaught Reference Error: CustomField is not defined".

    Is there a way to pull information from a custom field added to the page view?

  • If you are using Sitefinity v12 then you should add custom fields through the Sitefinity UI or C# API.  Here is an article for reference:

  • Thanks for the response. I am able to add the custom field to the page, but the problem is pulling the value of that custom field on the list view of the pages. In my screenshot above, BackEndName already exists, but Sitefinity can't seem to find it in this specific section of the settings (Advanced Settings -> ContentView -> Controls -> FrontEndPages -> Views -> FrontEndPagesListView -> View Modes -> Tree Table)

  • What version of Sitefinity are you using?

  • I am on version 11.2

  • You most likely will need to override the service that returns the page data to include your field.  Here is an article that explains that process.

    If you are able to upgrade to Sitefinity v12 you can add columns to the page grid view much easier using the new interface.  The new Admin App is a typescript node app and here are some instructions to use to add custom functionality.