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Database missing error when upgrading to 4.1

  • Hi Alex,

    I didn't upgrade to 4.1. I just installed it outright and I am getting the same issue.

    Would you please post a list of the "Groups" or "user names" and associated permissions that must be in place in order for Sitefinity to run?

    Gregory Hernandez
  • Hi Gregory,

    If you are running Sitefinity locally on your development machine using the project manager or Visual Studio you just need to have read and write permissions on App_Data folder where Sitefinity.mdf is located.  When creating your project and selecting database don`t change the Instance which by default is SQLExpress.
    When using Sitefinity in IIS please refer to the documentation. You need to run your application pool with .NET v 4 and Application pool identity should be Network Service. Assign a new user network service to have full permissions on your website and you should have no problems. If you are using SQL Server there is one more step: create a new user for your database with login name [NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE] and username NETWORK SERVICE and assign him to be db_owner on database and schema.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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  • I ran into this issue as well.  I spent about a half a day on the issue following all of the advice that this thread was discussing.  I had no luck.

    It almost seemed like the account that was reading my .MDF file did not have the permissions to access it.

    Sure enough when I looked at the permissions for the .MDF file itself the Network Service account did not have access to read this file. I gave the Network Service account modify access to the .MDF file and its associated log file and then everything started working.

    BTW, the Network Service account is the account I used for my app pool.  I hope this helps anybody else who is having this issue.