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How to unsubscribe someone to forms

  • How to unsubscribe someone to forms
  • Hi Tim,
    Thank you for responding. I was hoping there would be another way as an administrator to remove people, but this could work. We use Active Directory for our employees to login, so it's not as easy as resetting their SF password.

    It would be nice as an added feature for Administrators to have the ability to unsubscribe accounts from notifications.

  • Hi,
    Here is our scenario. We had an employee who monitored the forms on our website. He was subscribed to the forms to receive notifications on submittals. The employee has since left. How do I unsubscribe his email address from receiving notifications from form submittals?
  • Amanda,

    To unsubscribe that user, log in as them then navigate to Content » Forms. Once there, select the "Actions" link of the form and click "Unsubscribe".
  • Hi,

    The Administrator being able to manged the subscribed user makes sense. This is still the first iteration of the feature and when the team starts work on improving it further, we will keep this feedback in mind. 

    Atanas Valchev
    the Telerik team
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  • For the next iteration of the feature, please consider strongly:
    1) Screen to edit the subscribed users
    2) A permission to which User/Role can access screen (1) above
    3) Ability to subscribe an email address without requiring a User
    4) Ability to edit the notification email template that is sent
    5) Correctly order the form fields in the notification email sent

    If you create a PITS issue for this, I will vote immediately

    Also, forms related on "Export" of form responses:
    1) The header row should be the FormControl Label (field is "Title"), rather than the developer name for the FormControl
    2) The fields should come out in the correct order
    3) When exporting "Choice" fields, enquote values with commas in them, e.g. have a choice field with:
       3a) This is an option
       3b) This,,,is an option
       Exports at "This is an option,This,,,is an option" - such that splitting by "," won't work.  Something like "This is an option,'This,,,is an option'" would at least allow a programmer to split the values

    PITS issue would be great

  • Hello, I've recorded a video that demonstrate some of the form improvements we've introduced in the 12.1 and the past few releases. I think these covers the majority of your requests.