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Permissions set on Role via Code

  • Hi,

    I am trying my first steps with Sitefinity coding by wanting to create a custom role and give this role a set of certain permissions. I therefore used the following instructions:

    However, I am not quite sure: Can I use a role's ID as the principalid instead of a singular user?

    Also: is there a proper code documentation like MSDN to get the full overview of classes and what the method's parameters are? For example, I do not get why I need to do these lines in the blogspermission Getter:


    As in the documentation

    Many thanks

  • In addition, how do I actually execute my code?

    If, for example I build a generic function to create roles for me, which requires an input (the role name) and has it's own call of  RoleManager.SaveChanges(); - how do I actually trigger Sitefinity to execute this script once, when I use a "main method", that calls the rolecreation function with a specific name?

    My code is:

       public class Sen_CreateSennRole


           public void CreateSenRole(string roleName)


               RoleManager roleManager = RoleManager.GetManager();

               if (roleManager.GetRoles().Where(r => r.Name == roleName).FirstOrDefault() == null)






                   // Handle appropriately when the role already exists