We've been struggling with an issue that I believe started when we upgraded from Sitefinity 10 to Sitefinity 11, where no changes can be made in a debug session.  I thought this was some quirk of our project or some third party package, but I just installed a completely fresh Sitefinity 11.0 project via Nuget and this too is not allowing Edit and Continue changes.

I've confirmed that Edit and Continue is enabled in Visual Studio  tools > Options, and Edit and Continue works just fine for all our other non-Sitefinity related projects.  This is while using Visual Studio 2015.

It's always the same error, regardless of the code change, even adding a comment will cause it.

Error    CS7038    Failed to emit module 'SitefinityWebApp'.    SitefinityWebApp        1    Active

The error is accompanied by a prompt that requires the change either be undone, or the debugging session stopped.  Needless to say, this considerably slows down development time as waiting for the site to load can take several minutes. 

I was curious if anyone else in the community is experiencing this or if any solutions have been found.