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Navigation Dropdown Not Working

  • Hi, 

    I'm having an issue with my navigation bar. I just started using this platform yesterday, I'm inheriting someone else's work which makes things a little more difficult. I will try to keep this short and sweet.  

    1) I'd like to add a navigation widget to one of my templates and have it look like this: 

    2) For a reason I can't figure out, when I drag  the navigation widget onto my template with the Display set to 'Top Level Pages', Levels To Include set to 'All' and Template set to 'Pill', I get this:

    3) When my theme is applied, I get this: 

    4) In conclusion, why does one nav bar look like this:

    and the other like this:

    Both of them are in the header and both of them have the same settings:
    Display: Top Level Pages
    Levels to Include: All
    Template: Pill


    My theme is not applied to the first navigation bar, only to the second. It seems pretty obvious that they both have different classes, but they don't. I still can't figure out why. When I create a New Template and dragged a navigation widget on the new template, it looks like this: 

    not like this:

    Again, this is my first day using this, I'm not a front-end developer and I'm inheriting someone else's work, a little help would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you very much. 

  • So you are working on a separate template?  It seems likely that either:

    1. Your template has a different class applied to a parent container somewhere and the menu styling is only applied to navigation elements within containers that have that class

    2. A different theme/different CSS file is being applied to the two templates, one of which has the menu styling, and the other doesn't.