Hi, My Sitefinity version is 8.1.5800. I am trying to create a new custom field for ForumPost Type. I have tried the same for ForumThread & ForumGroup Type and succeeded in it but cannot create for ForumPost. I have referred to the below articles as well.



Please note: While executing below code, I am getting some results but there isn't any column created in ForumPost database table i.e. sf_forum_posts table. On the other end, columns are created in database tables related to ForumThread & ForumGroup (sf_forum_threads & sf_forum_groups respectively).

var metadataManager = MetadataManager.GetManager();
var metaPostField = metadataManager.GetMetafields().FirstOrDefault(t => t.FieldName == "like_count");

Can anyone please help me for this?

Thanks in advance