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Sitefinity Administrative Backend like SharePoint 2013

  • Sitefinity Administrative Backend like SharePoint 2013
  • When I use SharePoint 2010 (and now SharePoint 2013), I am extremely impressed with the overall user experience.  It is easy to perform operations and navigate back and forth.  I do not feel like I have to click all over the place because I have the constant ribbon navigation along with the breadcrumbs to allow me to perform all of my operations in one place.

    However, when I begin using the Sitefinity CMS, it feels very tired and outdated.  I have to constantly click on drop down menus and click on back and forth hyperlinks and click on side menus to get access to new dialogs etc. ad nauseam.

    Instead, I would prefer a much more "SharePoint-like" experience for managing my content with an "Office-like" feel to the overall experience.  It feels like just too much effort to manage content now in Sitefinity v. 5.x.  If I were to have a more streamlined user experience, I could effortlessly create pages and content similar to working with Office or SharePoint without giving it much thought.  

    Coupled with a superfast response time (5 ms or less) and low memory requirements (100-200 MB App Pool or less), this would be a vast improvement over how Sitefinity CMS works today.
  • Hey Samir,

    Funny that no one actually replied to your post :) I think because most people are thinking that Sitefinity has the best UX available. Which is of course what I think, but I see your point when you compare it to Sharepoint. My experience with Sharepoint is that it is very heavy and slow, but apparently you have another experience.

    I think that despite the many clicks you sometimes have to make, Sitefinity is easy to work with and that you can quickly find your way around. As for Sharepoint (in my experience) you sometimes have too much options and you have to just do 'trial-and-error' because you don't know which option to choose.

    Interesting discussion though. I do like however, some of the UX choices that Sharepoint made, so maybe we should summarize them... if this is still an active topic for you ;)

    Kind regards,