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  • ...this is just an idea

    Anyway, it'd be nice if I could turn on an option in the thunder project which when something is saved would automatically reflect the change on the linked site (with the toggleable option of "backup"). 

    As a user who frequently changes many things during a session I want to see my CSS changed on the fly quickly instead of change, save, upload (wait for the whole theme to upload), refresh browser, etc.  It'd shorten down to more like what happens when I just edit the file in the App_Data folder directly right..."save", "Refresh browser"
  • Hi Steve,

    Just to make sure we understand you correctly: You want while you're working on a local site to be able to upload the changes as you press save directly on a remote one? I think that using the Themes project will make more sense here. So you have a separate Themes project and it is "bound" to a remote site an after pressing save the theme is automatically uploaded?
    If this is the case we'll consider this idea for the future releases.

    Pavel Iliev
    the Telerik team
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  • Right, yeah no that's what I mean...themes project :)  I save a file in the theme project...then the changed file gets pushed to the linked site.

    I find the seperate project right now a bit cumbersome.  What I do now is make a change to the css, refresh to see if it looks good, change something else, etc etc etc.  So after every tiny change I don't want to have to re-upload the entire new project, and have 400 backups created.