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Connected, but not doing anything

  • Connected, but not doing anything
  • What files outside of the DLLs need to be updated on a live site in order to get it working?

    I can connect to my dev instance after the last update, but when I connect to live the explorer window doesn't have anything in it outside of the root icons.

    Worse though (on dev) is when I click a widget template to edit it, the thunder output gives me "Authentication failed"...but I dont see how it's failing, I mean I connected fine and can see the templates fine?

  • Hey Steve,

    Easiest way to 'make it work' atm is by using the 'Install Thunder Module' on the live site aswell. I've struggled with manual upgrades as well (just the other way around since I'm storing config files outside the main project).

    But next to the dll's there's a thunderConfig.config in /App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration and a service is added under /Sitefinity/Public/Thunder/ThunderService.svc. I haven't checked if any other config files or any db entries are changed.

  • Well I've got the .svc there already, it's a 5.0 project...but I can't copy the config because I'm storing my configs in the DB...I guess I'll try to copy the DB row over then instead...if it works
  • Well I have neither of the config setups that you two do and I am seeing the same issue.  To be clear, I have a default install with configs sitting in App_Data.

    I can connect to my remote site and it shows all the root icons for theme and widget.  I already copied over the 1.0.7 dll's and the .svc as well.  

    It just sits there stating that it is gathering my themes, but nothing ever happens.
  • Hello Steve and Stacey,

    Can you please let us know if you have managed to resolve the problems, or if there are any outstanding issues which we can try helping you out with?

    All the best,
    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team
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  • Boyan,

    I have been able to successfully connect to another of my remote sites, but what I ended up doing was creating a seperate user account with admin rights to use for Thunder. I will need to do more testing on the site that was giving issues last week.

    My initial thought is that the admin account may have been logged in with another browser on our other development machine.  I would think I would have seen a connection error, but I could see how this would prevent Thunder from downloading anything?

    I do have a few usage concerns based on my testing:
    1.) My staging site is using a small business license.  I already know that I cannot be logged into thunder with my admin account and also the sitefinity backend without having to kick one of the connections.  I setup a new account called thunder, but you can quickly see this becomes an issue because now it counts towards the concurrent users and I still have to kick a connection in order to use it.  Not very developer friendly in my opinion.  Does Thunder need to have full backend rights?  If not then this is a moot point.

    2.) Maybe I am missing it, but is there not a disconnect feature with Sitefinity Thunder explorer?  I know I can click remove, but I often still see the connection sticking around unless I close completely out of Visual Studio.  I would like an option to disconnect when I want, but to still leave the connection settings available so I do not need to re-enter them each time.
  • @Stacy
      FYI I think someone asked that Q at the conference and 5.1 should let thunder in w/out eating a concurrent user.
  • 353432_thunder-buttons.PNG
    Refreshing to be called 'someone' for a change :)

    Audience Question:
    Q: Any plans to create an 'unofficial' thunder backdoor login, that doesn't need to be administrator or count against license limitations?
    A: Yes, we're planning it for Sitefitny 5.1, the next major release.

    In the meantime I suggest you uncheck the 'upload on save' so you manually need to push to your production environment instead of it continually blocking administrator access on the SBE...

    FYI: Attached is a screenshot from the Sitefinity Explorer, top left is the toggle 'connect/disconnect' button.

  • Sorry Big J, my memory sucks :)
  • @Jochem

    I have not been using 'upload on save', but that is a good point.

    Thanks for posting the image of the connect/disconnect. I knew it was there, but I do not see that is ever functions as a disconnect.  I only have one connection setup atm and when I am connected and click on that toggle it only brings up my connections setup window, but the connection still shows that it is active.

    It seems like you always have to have at least one 'active' connection while the explorer is open?
  • @Stacey,

    Well you're actually right... there's no 'disconnect', I can almost swear that the 'active' was a toggle before that broke the connection. I've not noticed it because I always use it locally on internal dev server instances. 

    I guess removing the last character from the user or url, and click test will disconnect it but I'd say +1 for a feature request.

    Well you were late and missed the entire thing :)
    But I actually didn't mean it sarcastically, I've always enjoyed sitting in the backrow...