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Problem with properties window

  • Problem with properties window
  • Hi! I have done a widget as says Gabe in a video, but I have a problem in properties window. I do everything but when I add the javascript and make the designer class It doesn't appear. I can see only the heridated properties. If I don't use this designer, I see the heridated and the properties I made in codebehind. I though it was my problem, so I did a new project and copy exactily what Gabe did, and nothing comes up. Also I created a widget item with sitefinity thunder, I tried it modificated and by default but nothing happended, not even a blank windows was seen (as happend when you don't have the javascript file). So gave up of doing it.

    But I have many problems in other places, as now that I cannot add a custom news property because of a IField interface problem, and I think this will be the second thing where I will give up and I wouldn't like to feel being such a dumb person.

    I can add you a code, I erased everything but I can do a new thunder widget, see as nothing change and post here my code.

    P.D: I have also other problem where I gave up, when I drag a radControl in VS to do a new widget the project broke, first I thought It was a problem of upgrade, but I upgraded both two (project and radcontrols) and the problem was still there.

    When I see all of those problems, I prey for a manual for widgets, but I don't know where to find it out, it's been a month that I search for it.

  • Hi Shil,

    Thank you for contacting Telerik Support.

    Would you please tell me what video have you looked about creating widget and send me the code you wrote, that is not working and I'll take a look and tell you what might be the possible problem.

    I suggest you to download the latest version of Sitefinity Thunder from here. Then create a new widget with designer and tell me exactly what is happening and what is not working.

    What is the exact problem that you encounter, when you try to add a custom property to News?

    Kind regards,
    Dimitar Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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