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Sitefinity website template project

  • Sitefinity website template project
  • When creating a solution that holds 2 projects (1 the SitefinityWebApp, the other a Sitefinity Website Template project) there's no option to add a reference to some assemblies in the template project.

    This causes tags like <telerik:RadScriptManager> or <sf:ResourceLinks> to be shown as errors. 

    Also, although there may not be any project properties to be set, right-clicking your template project and clicking properties is causing an error...

  • Hello Jochem,

    Adding the references will solve the errors only in a web project. Allowing you to see and add references will have no effect in the Website Templates project since it is a MPF project.

    Thank you for pointing out the properties error. We will look into it.

    All the best,
    Marin Atanasov
    the Telerik team
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  • Anything on this? The complete lack of support for intelisense in the template project, as well as the broken properties, and inability to right click and add items is pretty annoying. I'm pretty close to just dumping the template project all together and just creating a code project and writing a post-build hook to just copy the directory content over to the main project on build.
  • @Michael,

    Nope, not yet...

    Although I initially really welcomed seperating 'development' from 'theme' in different projects so a front-end guy can work independently from the normal dev lifecycle/source control I started running into trouble with the bootstrap project. (no nuget package import, hidden files, no less support in the sense that it'll trigger an automatic .min.css which can get uploaded)

    So for the time being I also reverted back to 'just' the web project and a sitefinity theme and masterpage tucked inside it. No references warnings no more and flexible working again in the way I prefer to...

  • Crap. Yeah, I'm THIIIIS close to doing the same thing. The Template Project just seems too limited and broken at this point to be useful for anything but the most basic setups, and even then, the lack of intellisense makes it unbearable to work with right now. That's unfortunate, as I like the idea, just not the execution.