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Would like to see some more Webiniars on Thunder

  • Would like to see some more Webiniars on Thunder
  • It would be nice to see some new Webinars like Gabe did on 3.7 covering creating custom master pages with Thunder.    Where he takes a free css layout and creates a master page using Thunder then installs onto an existing website.

    Maybe a whole series breaking out widgets, templates, and anything else that I don't know about Thunder.  Maybe Josh can do this one....

    So far I like what I see in Thunder, just now started the upgrade process from 3.7 to 5.1.
  • Hi David, have you seen the Thunder videos on our Getting Started Guide? Here is one example for creating a form field control: Creating Custom Form Field Controls

    These are also added to our Sitefinity YouTube channel, and we have many more videos planned. If there is something specific you'd like to see covered in more detail please let us know!

    hope this is helpful, thanks for your feedback!
  • I just figure it would be nice to see a start to finish demo of creating custom master templates for Sitefinity.  I got my master template working and uploaded to my test site.   

    I did discover some items:
    - The site must be running in the app pool to upload templates and etc....  My test site drop out of memory and I did not get an error for no connection. 
    - The master page template does not create a code behind file....  I was very surprise at that.  I like placing my server side code in code behind. 
    - Just Code kept crashing, updating to the newer version fix that.
    - Master Page Design View does not wire up to the css files to see what you got when working on layouts.

    Other then those very little issues so far, I like the tool and will be using it.