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How to improve Thunder?

  • How to improve Thunder?
  • Hi folks

    We are looking for some feedback about Thunder. Can you think of anything that can be improved and be more user-friendly? Please share your thoughts about what can make your life easier when developing with Sitefinity?

  • It would be nice if thunder can grab a complete Remote Web Site to become a new Project inside Visual Studio.

    PS: Or Vice Versa -- Install a minimal thunder web Conector at Remote Site to publish a Project from Visual Studio .And update of an Remote Web site to newes Version of sitefinity.
  • I'd like to see: 
    Code behind files get created when adding master pages.

    An option to automatically download themes to development machine in connection properties or some other configurable sync mechanism.

    An option to apply any theme in the project to a template when it's manually uploaded to the server

    Navigation widget templates available in the Common Widgets Templates list in Sitefinity Explorer