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Registering a widget toolbox.config changed local not remote

  • Registering a widget toolbox.config changed local not remote
  • When I connect to my remote Site with thunder it is my understanding that when I have the projcet open local in VS that Thunder works in the following way.

    Widget Templates

    I click on a widget template. The widget template is pulled down to my local machine. I make my change and when I save its uploaded to the server again.

    Remember I have my thunder connection set to the external live site.

    Registering ToolBox Item

    With the same connection set to remote site I now register a toolbox widget. What seems to happen is that only the local toolbox.config is beeing changed.

    I know I have to upload the .ascx anyhow. However I would have expected thunder to work the same way and work with the remote toolbox.config file.  Small problem was that I had registered some remote and overwrote them :-) No problem there.

    Is this how its happening or should thunder change the toolbox.config on my remote server since I am connected to remote with thunder.

  • Hello Markus,

    The widget templates and everything else in the Sitefinity Explorer are using the active Sitefinity connection.

    In contrast, the Solution Explorer is using the file system to edit a local project. There are several features like the Dynamic Items Field Control Selector that are using the connection to help you create the required items, but for those you need an active connection to the site you have currently opened anyway.

    Thunder is editing the local ToolboxesConfig.config because this is where you have created your widget. If we register it in the remote machine's configuration as well, it will work only after you copy the files and build the project.

    We will take your feedback into consideration. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    All the best,
    Marin Atanasov
    the Telerik team
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