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Widget Templates backup by thunder

  • Widget Templates backup by thunder
  • I just added a field to one of my modules and got asked the question if I want to update the module.

    Knowing that it would recreate the basic template I clicked yes. Never thought about that it would also reset my copied custom widget :-(

    Fortunalely this was no big deal I could recode it in 5 min.

    However since working with thunder I don't think I have a local copie of that

    a) I would like the updating only to update the widget templates that Sitefinity created
    b) if this is not possible some sort of backup system. Imagine you worked 3 hours on a template and someone else adds a field and messes up your design. You notice one day later after 30 pages have been change. 

    What then?

  • Hello Markus,

    Thank you for contacting Sitefinity support.

    I am sorry to hear that you have had trouble with Sitefinity.

    a) Updating all widgets, including custom, is implemented by design in Sitefinity.
    b) I have reported backing up templates as feature request to Thunder team, who would discuss it's implementation and decide if it is possible.

    In case you have any other concerns I would be glad to assist you. Thank you in advance.

    Vasya Stankova
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