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Multiple User Development Issue

  • Multiple User Development Issue
  • Hi Team, 

    We are using the Sitefinity CMS development and we have kept the common database for Sitefinity project at server and we (two users) are connected to that database from our local machines. If any user made any change, we merge the changes by TFS. So all files are up to date at our both machines.

    But the issue is, i have added a Widget (User Control) to Sitefinity using 'Thunder' and then Dragged that to a page. Now, that page works fine for him and me. Bet the Widgets is not visible to him. Andthe widget created by him is not visible for me. 

  • Hello Seasia,

    This could happen only if you are using separate config files. The information which stores the toolbox content is ToolboxesConfig.config and apparently it has different content on your end and on your colleague.

    The config is located at ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Logs

    Once option to avoid constantly syncing configs, you can move them in the database as described here:Move configuration files to the database

    Hope this helps.

    Vassil Vassilev
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