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  • Hello,  i just start to explore sitefinity on my local machine, i using Thunder to create Sitefinity theme and it is succesful without doing connecting to the project (menu: TELERIK\SITEFINITY THUNDER\CONNECTION SETTINGS).

    My question is the actualy function of CONNECTION SETTINGS if i still work with Thunder without connecting first.




  • Hi xman,

    Using the Sitefinity Thunder connection settings is only necessary when dealing with a project on a remote server.  If you try to connect to a  remote project that does not have Sitefinity Thunder Module installed you will get a connection failed error.  If you are running your project locally there is no need to use the connections settings.

    Here is a blog post that goes into detail on the installation and set up of thunder:

    Nick Rajotte
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  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the explanation..