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Updating layout widgets via Thunder

  • Updating layout widgets via Thunder
  • I’m new to Sitefinity development, and just getting my feet wet with Thunder. I’ve made a layout widget in Thunder, and everything seems fine: it gets registered in ToolboxesConfig, and I can use it in page templates.

    But then I edited the ascx file (just basic markup changes), and the updates are not reflected in my site. I saved and rebuilt, yet when I look at the markup behind the layout, it’s still the old code. Can someone help me figure out what I’m missing?

    I’m doing this on a local instance, SF version 9.1.

    Thank you for any help you’re willing to offer!
  • Have you tried dropping it back on the page? ...or are you editing the markup and wanting the one on the page to change?
  • Hi Steve, thanks for responding. The problem is solved for the moment, but to answer your question:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “dropping it back onto the page.” I edited the file in Visual Studio, then saved and built. Then, I think I selected “Start without debugging,” and viewed the site, refreshed the browser, etc. but saw no evidence of the update. Then I tried just clicking on the browser button in the toolbar, which I believe is the same as “Start debugging.” Then everything was fine.

    I guess I don’t fully understand what “debugging” means in Visual Studio. But from this instance, I gather that I need to start debugging to push my files to the server, even if it’s local?