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Trouble with css in custom theme

  • Trouble with css in custom theme
  • Greetings,
    I have trouble setting up a new template for Sitefinity. I've created my html and css, tested it with browser labs in different browsers, everything looks perfect. Then I followed the instructions from the "Designer's Guide" (where by the way the navigation links on the left go under the content layer), I made a .master file but then the page wasn't loading the external css file, I checked the path from the source code when the page was loaded, it was exactly where I've copied it on the server but it showed like cannot be found page. After failing to load it from .css file (I was following the instructions, tried to insert it via backend but that didn't work too ) I've put the code directly into the master file - this worked but the page looks terribly, almost everything is not where it should be (I mean the divs are positioned not the way I designed them originaly) So I was wondering what could be causing the trouble?

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards,
  • Also when I try to apply my master file on a template i get this : Message from webpage: Return code: 12031
  • Hi Andrey,

    I think that the problem is much more related to the theme you have and your master page. According to our designers guide you should create a Global folder in your theme where you can put the stylesheet, so that it will be loaded automatically.

    About Return code: 12031 there is some issue with the AJAX at your end. Can you observe the response and request with FireBug >> Net tab and see if there are some failing services there.

    If the problem persists, you can attach several screenshots that represent the current structure of App_Data that is related to themes and templates and backend configuration you used to register the frontend template.

    the Telerik team