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HTML created by widget template data

  • HTML created by widget template data
  • I'm using a news list and I've edited the widget template so that title, date and author are displayed. I've put these into my own HTML layout fine, but when it is rendered on the website the author data is always enclosed in a div tag, which I don't want. 

    For example, the sf:DetailsViewHyperLink that displays the date just displays to date, the sf:DetailsViewHyperLink just displays the news title (and link) BUT the sitefinity:TextField that gets added for the Author surrounds the author in div tags. I want it displayed as a literal, without any surrounding HTML tags.

    Is this possible? What is the difference between "sf:" and "sitefinity:" - is there documentation explaining what options we have to display data in widget templates?


    Edit: I've noticed from other templates that sf:FieldListView has a WrapperTagName property. This doesn't appear to do anything for the sitefinity:TextField control though.
  • Ok, I've solved it, I noticed in the "Full news item" template the following did exactly what I wanted. 

    <asp:Literal Text="<%$ Resources:Labels, By %>" runat="server" /> <sf:PersonProfileView runat="server" />