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Custom CSS fails in Chrome & Safari

  • Custom CSS fails in Chrome & Safari
  • OK guys - my custom CSS renders perfectly in IE - but many things break in Firefox and Chrome. I know the problem isn't with my CSS because it all validates with W3. The problem appears to be with Sitefinity's own CSS overriding my custom CSS... even when the custom CSS is labeled as !important.

    Anyone else seen this happen? I'm starting to think this is not a designer friendly CMS.

    By the way, are there any other designers using this CMS or is everyone here an developer?
  • Hello Justin,

    Can you provide us some screenshots where your CSS is broken so we can examine the case. Also can you provide the following information: are you using a theme, template, how did you  register them, where is the broken css (front-end, back-end). And if your CSS is validated in W3C standards that doesn't mean that is written correctly. If the theme is registered correctly there are only few places where !important rule should be used.

    the Telerik team