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Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Pager Not Fount

  • Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Pager Not Fount
  • I got this error when I set my event widget  to be displayed as calendar view.

    A required control was not found in the template for "Calendar View". The control must be assignable form type "Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Pager" and must have ID "pager".

    How do I fix this?  We will need to add this at tomorrow's give camp.
  • Hello Edward,

    Thank you for contacting Telerik Support. Can you please check if you have included the mentioned control in your template, and if not, add one to it. You might also want to take a look at this forum thread where I've proposed a solution for displaying events as a calendar using RadScheduler.

    I hope this information helps. If you need any further assistance, please contact me.

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team

  • It's is not my template.  It is the Charity Starter kit template.  I have done nothing to it progammatically.  I would have thought that you guys would have included that in the kit's widgets project.  If not where can I get it? 

    I took a look at your thread.  Seems to me it assumes that I was writing the code for this project.  In factg I downloaded the solution from the sitefinity site as a starter kit for use with give camp projects.  It was my intention to do preferably no coding or as little as possible with this project, and only use the content management system to implement the site during give camp.  Now give camp is over and the site is still not working. 

    It appears to me that the error and you are stating that an assembly was not included in the namespace so that the expected namespace can not be referenced.  But the references include a reference to Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI, so the class pager should be included.

    Now the weirdest part.  A day after I entered this thread I opened the events as a calendar and it opened just fine.  Then when doing the demo for the give camp the error cropped up again (though I am not sure it was that particular class that the site complained about being missing.)  Just now when  I went to verify the name of the missing class, everything worked just fine.???  So unless the error gets thrown again I can not work anymore on this issue.  very strange.  However while I got your attention, I would like to ask about changing the date on a news item I added.  I am creating news items to match things shown on the site that this stiefinity site is replacing. 
  • Hi Edward,

    Did the error occur again, or the issue has been resolved by itself? That's a pretty strange behavior, so please inform me if the error reoccurs.
    For news items, do you want to set the PublicationDate of already created items or you want to set it while you're importing the items from your old site. If it's the first case, you can easily do that by adding a custom field of type DateTime to the News module. Just follow the instructions below:
    1. Add a custom field to the News module of type DateTime and name it ArticleDate (or whatever name suits your design purposes)
    2.In this new field that will appear at the bottom of each News item you can set the desired Publication date.
    3. Once you've set the field for all items, you can run the sample code below  which will set the PublicationDate to the value in ArticleDate on all news items.

    var newsAll = App.WorkWith()
                     .Where(nI => nI.Status == ContentLifecycleStatus.Live)
                     .ForEach(nI =>
                         var val = nI.GetValue("ArticleDate").ToString();
                         var ss = DateTime.Parse(val);
                         nI.PublicationDate = ss;

    If you want to implement different functionality, please provide me with some more detailed information, so that I can advise you further.

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team

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