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  • Hi,

    I set "Display Language Selector as Horizontal List", but it is rendered as vertical list.
    Did I misss something?

  • Hello Andrei,

    Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce your problem. Can you tell me what version of Sitefinity are you using? Where did you add your language selector - directly on the page, or on the page template? Do you have any custom style or theme applied to your page / template? Did you make any other changes to the language selector control? Any additional information would be helpful, thank you in advance!

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

  • Language selector is on the page template and I am using Non-Profit Starter Kit for testing Sitefinity.
    Hope this information helps to nail down the problem.

  • Hi Andrei,

    This is not a bug. The problem is that the theme, applied to the template in this sample website, has no style for this widget (Language selector) in its main css. (You can try the widget in another page that has no template or theme applied.) What you should do to make this widget work is:
    • edit the Page template, go to Themes and see what is the selected theme 
    • go to App_Themes folder of your project
    • find the theme that is used by the template (for example CharityBlue)
    • open the Global folder
    • edit main.css and add this:  

    .sflanguagesHorizontalList .sflanguageItem

        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;    
        display: inline;
        white-space: nowrap;

    When you select Horizontal List it should be working fine

    the Telerik team