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Sitefinity Designers Challenge

  • Sitefinity Designers Challenge
  • We are happy to announce the first Sitefinity Designers Challenge

    Sitefinity has a clear separation between business logic, content, and design that empowers designers to realize even the most creative web concept. See what others have done in our Showcase Gallery and Marketplace.

    Put your designer skills to work and have fun experimenting with the Sitefinity trial or Community Edition. Submit your work to the Marketplace to enter the contest. There are great prizes for the winners!

    Challenge ends on May 31, 2011. 

    Good luck!
  • Are there any results from this challenge?
  • Designers who participated in the challenge didn't finish their work on time and decided to postpone their submissions for a future challenge. In general, we gathered a lot of useful feedback and identified areas where we can improve the designers' experience with Sitefinity. We would also love to hear your feedback and ideas for future marketplace challenges?