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Styling Blog Contents table

  • Styling Blog Contents table
  • Hi

    I'm currently trying to style the comments box for my blog posts. I'm using the single items list and can edit most elements using firebug and css.

    can someone tell me where I'll find the table that holds the comment fields?
     I dont want the fields stacked but side by side.

    If you can help this would be awesome! :)

    Hello Matthew,

    You can customize the template of the comments you should use external template. I am attaching the both template - the form and the list of comments.

    How to use them:
    1. Open the "full blog post item" widget template (Blog post single)\
    2. Find where is the declaration of the templates <sf:ContentView id="commentsListView" and there you should add LayoutTemplatePath property with value the path to the template.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team