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  • Hi I'm using Sitefinity 4.0 and getting a problem setting up custom master page.
    I put the file .master under app_master and made a page use this master page, but in front end, sitefinty loads stylesheet  telerik.web.ui.webresource.axd and breaks my styles, I checked the source of  telerik.web.ui.webresource.axd, found that many styles are defined there: .radwindow, body, table, div, h1,...h6.
    How can I remove these default styles?  Am I wrong following the rule to create the master page?
  • Hi Li,

    When you register a master page in Sitefinity it is still using the default theme. You should register a theme and then assign it to the master page. Then the CSS from the default theme should be escaped.

    the Telerik team