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Avoiding Pre-Set Navigation Styles

  • Avoiding Pre-Set Navigation Styles
  • Is there any way to disable embedded styles for the navigation controls? While easy, it's a pain to have to override all of the embedded styles that affect a basic navigation menu. Was curious if there is any way around this?

  • Hi Greg Delorey,

    In the settings of the navigation widget there is a set of options - "Design settings". When you set a value in "Wrapper CSS class (Skin)" the default styles won't load.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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  • This isn't entirely true in my experience.  I'm using Sitefinity 4.2 right now and specifying a wrapper CSS class disables SOME of the default styles but unfortunately not all of them.

    It would be great if there were an easy way to just dump out the HTML for the menu with no styles at all so that we could just skin the menu from scratch instead of trying to override all sorts of defaults.
  • +1

    I want the option to disable the embedded CSS for a control and simply use my own.  For now I'm using the Wrapper CSS kludge.
  • Hi,

    If you set the wrapper CSS class the only visual styles that are there are two padding rules and you can easily remove them with 1 line of CSS:

    .RadMenu_name .rmHorizontal .rmText, .RadMenu_name .rmItem .rmLink padding:0px;

    All of the other styles are needed for the normal behaviour of the RadMenu. Here is a screenshot with a WrapperCSSClass and the CSS line above:


    the Telerik team

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