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Forms Editor CSS Reset

  • Forms Editor CSS Reset
  • The CSS reset loading in the forms designer is wayyyy to restrictive

    Try loading this into it
        <li>Describe how the nominee functions as a skilled clinician by providing evidence of:
                <li>the level of care provided for patients, especially those with complex problems</li>
                <li>the ability to function as a leader in the early adoption of best practices</li>
                <li>a positive relationship with other providers and healthcare organizations that has had a major impact on the community’s ability to deliver good care and improve the health of the population</li>
                <li>the ability to organize services for individual patients and the practice population as a whole</li>
                <li>the ability to develop trusting relationships with patients and the impact that has on patient care.</li>
        <li>Describe how engaged the nominee is in their academic pursuits, such as:
                <li>teaching medical students, family medicine residents and other student learners</li>
                <li>providing continuing professional development/CME programs for their peers</li>
                <li>functioning as a source of guidance and support to his/her peers</li>
                <li>functioning as a mentor, coach and opinion leader in the community</li>
                <li>other academic endeavours such as research activities</li>
        <li>Describe how the nominee has contributed to the well-being of people in their communities, Canadians and/or family physicians through their contributions to the College, other organizations such as hospitals and local, provincial and national committees or by functioning as a patient or healthcare advocate.</li>
        <li>Describe how the nominee has performed as a visionary leader who leads by example, continually develops professionally and personally through additional training and education to meet the needs of the practice and the community and encouraged others to do the same.</li>

    ...So it's a nested list of OLs\ULs....however in the designer it's one wall of text since the Reset wipes the UL\OL default styling out, and no apparent way to get it back.

    Again, fine for me...but not for users, I will get calls on this
  • Hello Steve,

    Thanks for reporting this issue. It is logged and will be fixed for Q2 release due in July. Your Telerik points have been updated.

    Let us know if you need help.

    the Telerik team
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