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Custom Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery

  • Custom Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery
  • First, I'm really new to Sitefinity and normally code everything i have needed in the past.

    After looking though the Image Sliders/Carousel in the Marketplace, I don't see one I want to use so I came up with my own solution using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  The problem i have is getting that onto certain templates.  I can easily add JavaScript or CSS because there is the Modules for those, but nothing for HTML.  I could code it into the Master page, but then it would show on all pages which i don't want.  I thought maybe a Widget for HTML would work, but i have no clue how to create it.  What can i do?
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    I figured it out.  Add a text field and then click on HTML at the bottom and paste in the HTML.  I tried attaching my working files but it seems only images are allowed as attachments; sorry.
  • Hi ,


    Can you please post your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript here so that I can  take it as reference ??



  • For anyone browsing this thread, here's a quick overview of how you can create rotating banners in Sitefinity.