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Page Title control

  • Page Title control
  • I would like to add a Page Title/Page Description control to my Page Template or to my individual content pages.

    Is there a built-in Sitefinity control in the toolbox which will allow me to display the Page's configured Title/Name on my content pages without having to manually type it into a Content Block for each and every Content Page?

  • No built in one (yet anyway)

    But it's pretty easy with a custom's some code I use (stripped from the larger control)

    PageSiteNode node = SiteMapBase.GetActualCurrentNode();
    pageTitleLabel.Text = String.Format("<span class='titletext'>0</span>",
                                        (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(this.Text) ? this.Text : (node == null) ? "Page Title" : node.Title));

    So I also have a public "Text" property that allows me to override the default title if I want